The First Date in Stockholm

Before the first date: Meeting someone in Stockholm

Before you head out on a first date in Stockholm, you’ll need to meet someone to take out. The simplest way to do this is to sign-up to some online dating websites. It doesn’t cost anything to sign-up and to see if it’s of interest. Its important to get your self listed on multiple online dating platforms in order to maximize your chances of finding the right person. Try the sites below to meet someone in Stockholm, Sweden.

Couple by a Swedish lake
Stockholm is a great place to date.

Personally, I think is the best internet dating site for English-speaking people in Sweden. The reason I like is that you need to complete a comprehensive personality test. This test is used to assess your compatibility with potential mates.  It’s free to sign up.

You should also try eDarling, another great online site in Sweden. eDarling provides matches based on personality profile testing and only shows potential partner’s whose personalities fit particularly well with yours. You provide information around your wishes and expectations in a relationship and using this information and information from your personality profile test, eDarling matches you with regards to both. 

ElitSingular caters to professionals looking for a serious relationship. Its geared primarily toward educated, ambitious people who are too busy with work commitments and busy personal lives to look for partners. They make it easy for you to meet the right person by matching your personality, your interests, your work and your education.

You should also engage in the traditional methods of chatting to people at bars, clubs and coffee shops, in shops, or any other place you’re likely to run into someone you might find interesting. This can take some skill and some confidence initially, and you never know if the person is single or not, but over time (with lots of practice) this should become easier for you to find out.

Once you’ve met someone, you need to go out with them and do stuff! There is only a limited relationship that you can build based texts, phone calls, and emails. Go on a date with the person you can explore if there is any chemistry and physical attraction between the two of you.

And, if you’re interested in something casual, then you should certainly meet the person to see if the attraction and mutual interest is there, before investing any effort!

You should plan more than one first date

When it comes to dating, everything that can go wrong often does! For this reason, when going on a first date, you should plan a ‘spare’ date, to salvage the date should something go wrong. You’ll need to think about something that will interesting for both of you. Things that you might find cool and interested, might bore your date senseless so think really carefully about this.

Spend some time thinking about your date, and make use of what you know about them to plan two dates (at least). The plans you make should have appeal for you both. One date should be your primary idea, and the second kept as a backup, in case something goes wrong. By going wrong, I mean what if the restaurant you’re planning to go to is closed, or the movie you’re seeing is bad enough to walk out of, or if your car breaks down…

Your second date is an insurance policy, just in case you need to change plans quickly. Its not a waste; if your first date goes well, you can use it in the future!

Keep it Short…

Even if you think you’ll get on well with the person you’re going on a date with, its best to keep the first date reasonably short. There is nothing worse then feeling you’re stuck on a terrible date for hours, if you know you don’t like them after the first 15 minutes. Keep the first date to one or two hours, and not more. If things go well during that time, you can suggest extending the date (have something in mind going in) or just plan another date on a separate occasion.

sunset over stockholm
Make sure your Stockholm date is memorable!

Make Sure its Memorable

The date you go out on in Stockholm doesn’t have to be fancy, costly or extravagant,but you should do something that makes a lasting and positive impression. Do some something they’ll remember fondly. Some great ways to do this are by incorporating sunsets, great views or other unusual and cool elements into your date. Try and plan something that isn’t entirely run-of-the-mill, (but also not too wild and crazy!). Think along the lines of the zoo, or walk down by the river. 

No Big Surprises!!

Spontaneity can be a good thing, but the first date is not the right place for it. There is enough stress and awkwardness of the first date, so no matter what rom-coms tell you, keep the crazy stuff for a later date, and let your date know what they’ll be taking part in on the first date. Tell them if you’ll be going for a meal or to the cinema.  Let them know if you’re going to take them to the theatre (or whatever you’re planning).  There are good reasons for this! The person can prepare for the date, so they can think about what to wear, if they should eat beforehand or a multitude of other things. Telling them what’s planned will give them time to let you know if they don’t like your date idea. 

Be on time

A manly hand holding a stopwatch
Don’t be late for your Stockholm date!

The first date is already an anxious time for both you and your date. This is even more true if you met online and it’s you’re first face to face meeting together! Don’t make your date worry that you’re going to stand them up. Be there on time or even a little early, and if you are running late, call or text your date so they know.

Do They Need to Wear Anything Special?

Planning on taking your date somewhere they need to wear something out of the ordinary? You should tell them in advance! Going outside into the cold, rain or bright sun?…tell them! Even if your date won’t need to wear anything special, let them know this so they don’t have to wonder about this! If its your first time meeting in person, wear something a little unusual clothing that will make you stand out in a crowd, if you’re meeting in a public space. This way they won’t mistake someone else for you, which would be embarrassing, if they introduce themselves to the wrong person.

Be Nice and Complimentary, but Don’t Overdo It!

You should be honest in any compliments you give and make sure you don’t come off sounding sleazy. Try and keep away from comments about physical attributes but instead note other aspects that you might find appealing. Do they have a nice voice? Are they funny? Do you like their shoes or fashion sense?  Beware, as too much flattery will be counterproductive. You don’t want to come off as false or creepy. Keep the compliments simple and clean!

Watch your Alcohol Intake…

Drinking too much makes for bad dates!
A little alcohol can be a social lubricant, but know your limits!

A beer or some wine isn’t off limits on the first date, but before you order make sure you know a little bit about your date. Do their religious beliefs discourage alcohol consumption? Are they a recovering alcoholic? You don’t want to alienate your date or make them feel uncomfortable if they don’t drink.

Additionally, if you go overboard and drink too much because you’re nervous, your first date can turn into a disaster. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one non-alcoholic beverage between each alcohol drink. Also, know your limits and monitor yourself to make sure you don’t go beyond them. Nothing worse than being out on a date with someone who can’t hold their liquor!

Have a dialogue on your Swedish date.
Don’t monopolize the conversation, but don’t just sit quietly either.

Don’t Do All the Talking Yourself, but Don’t Be Silent Either

You know those people who talk without letting anyone else say anything? How about those people with nothing to add to a conversation? To prevent your first date from being a disaster you should not be either of these people! If you’re not a naturally talkative person or just clam up when you’re nervous, then prepare for your date by thinking about some conversation starters. If you know you talk too much in these kind of situations, make certain that you give your date a chance to contribute to the discussion. 

Personal Grooming

Be sure to dress well on your date.
Look your best for your Stockholm date!

Bad breath, stinky body odor and filthy clothes are your enemies when meeting people in Istanbul, regardless of whether you want to find a casual or a long-term relationship. Tidy yourself up and think about the kind of impression you want to make. Bring some mint-flavored gum, trim your nose, ear and other hair  and ask a friend to honestly inform you about what you could be doing better in terms of personal grooming. Ask them about smell, hair, clothes, shoes and anything else you can think of. Pay attention to the details: shine your shoes, iron your clothes, shave your face as well as any body parts you want to be smooth and make sure you look fantastic for your first date in Stockholm!!