Places to Take a Date in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the nicest cities in Sweden, and a great place to meet someone, go on a first date or to take someone out for a night on the town.

Especially early in a relationship, you want to do things and go out to different places; this provides a backdrop for the two of you to get to know each other. Quiet nights in and cuddling on the sofa can come later… here are some great places in Stockholm, to show someone a good time! Remember, different people like to go to and see different places, so be sure you pick a date that you’re pretty sure you’ll both have a good time on.

Get a coffee together (‘fika‘)

Getting coffee together and chatting over it is so popular in Sweden, it has its own name, ‘fika’. Try Hermans Trädgårdé for great views over the Stockholm skyline and the harbour. Hermans is a vegetarian cafe so all you carnivores should get your meat fix ahead of time. Try the fruit pies, they are fantastic.   Grillska Husets Konditori not only makes excellent coffee, but is a social enterprise to help train people entering the workforce though a work placement. Show your date how socially conscious you are and support this important cause!

Take in the Nobel Prize winners

The Nobel Prize Museum is home to a record of the Nobel laureates and their achievements. Nobel prizes are awarded for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace and economics so there really should be something interesting for everyone here. It has two theaters showing short films about the laureates, and the prizes and an ‘e-museum’ with interesting information to keep you and your date engaged. Get hungry or thirsty on the way? The Bistro Nobel is is a great place to take your date and to talk about the interesting things that you’ve seen. And don’t forget, after your coffee, look under your chair; the bottoms of the chairs are signed by Nobel prize winners!




A drink on the water?

There are several pontoon bars and boat restaurants which are especially popular during the warm summer nights in Stockholm. The M/S Gerda, was originally the US barge ‘Missouri’ which was used in the Normandy Landings. It’s now been converted to the largest floating restaurant-bar in Stockholm! Another popular pontoon is located near the edge of the Gamla Stan, called Flyt. 

Have a bite to eat

There is more to Sweden than its meatballs. Like fish? Try the herring platter at Prinsen.  Perhaps you’re interested in more turf than surf, and a beer or too along sit. Hit the Swedish beer hall Pelikan – a very Swedish beer hall chopped fried meat and potatoes, topped in with a perfectly fried egg and pickled beets. Atelier 23 is a dining venue with amazing waterfront views. Its a huge three-floor eatery, which combines three different concepts in one restaurant. There’s an oyster bar, a cocktail bar where you can eat dim sum and sushi and a dining room with a full menu.

Music soothes the savage beast

Stockholm has great live music. Check the Debaser website for information on three awesome music venues, Debaser itself, the Brooklyn bar and Calexicos. Bands play regularly and there are DJs on club nights; Up for something a little more experimental? Try Fylkingen an artist-run venue and association for experimental music and art; Södra Teatern is a theatre, built in 1859 but these days, the stage is primarily used for music. The restaurant Mosebacke Etablissement is next to Södra Teatern, in addition to a few bars, and in the summer, there are three outdoor terraces open. Like a little dancing with your music? Check out Spy Bar, one of Sweden’s most famous nightclubs. The Spy Bar attracts the beautiful people, often part of Sweden’s fashion and music industry. Just make sure you’re hip enough to get past the bouncers!


But is it Swedish art?

Stockholm’s art scene is great for giving you something to talk about on your date. Södermalm is great for this with numerous galleries such as the Centrum För FotografiCandyland and the ArtPortWIP (Work in Progress), is artist group bringing together nearly 100 studios, hosting mostly artists but also dancers and musicians. The Market Art Fair brings together the most prominent galleries, artists and collectors of the Nordic region.

Head down the ‘Street’

Street in Södermalm is a London-style street market in Stockholm. There’s a restaurant with an alfresco dining area, a lounge bar with a DJ line-up, poetry slams and comedy shows. Street normally takes place on alternate weekends from March until Christmas.

Fun, the recipe for romance

Sometimes, the best way to someone’s heart is by just having childish fun! Junibacken, is an indoor theme park devoted to Pippi Longstocking where you ride a fairytale train across fictional landscapes through quaint Swedish houses, or slide down the roof of Pippi’s house. You’ll definitely have a great time at Junibacken, but remember its primarily a children’s place so be ready for tonnes of kids to be running around!