Advice for Men

If you’re a man looking for a date in Stockholm, you could use some pointers.

If you’re a man, looking for a relationship with a women, there is some useful advice for you below. However, the first thing that needs to happen, is for you to meet someone! Before you do meet someone, you should spend some time thinking about what you’re looking for. Are you after something long term, like the romantic partner of your dreams? Or are you interested in something casual, like a steamy fling? You should think about what kind of a relationship you want and then take steps to find it. 

Men and women are not so different; both sexes behave in ways that range between simple and complex. This depends on personality, what kind of a day they’ve had and when the last time they ate was! There are some predictable differences and things that can win you points with ladies in Stockholm. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you out meet someone.

Swedish women are intuitive 

Women are incredibly intuitive and can read additional meaning into the things you say, your body language and your actions than you’d think. The reliability of the conclusions they come to are somewhat questionable but, just being aware of the way they read into things can keep you out  trouble much of the time and once in a while you can even use it to your advantage!

Ladies have a higher degree of emotional intelligence than most men

Swedish women dating
Swedish women are emotionally intelligent.

Women can articulate their ideas better then men can much of the time. Additionally, they generally express their ideas more frequently then men do. A lady’s emotions may influence her actions, differently then a man’s would. Sometimes, women feel closer to men who are more expressive about their emotions. However, you need to take care not to be too emotional. You want to be seen as a strong, potential partner and not only as a friend.  And some women prefer more traditional men, like the strong, silent type.

The way you make her feel is key

You can shower her with compliments on an hourly basis, but your words will have little impact unless she feels you really mean it. Actions speak louder than words, so be sure to back up the thing you say by actually doing stuff. These don’t have to be grand romantic gestures. Simply giving her your undivided attention or asking questions to show you’re actively listening will go a long, long way with a lady. Keeping your eyes on her face rather than her body while you talk to her, will show her you’re interested in more than her physical assets.

What do women need?

At times, men find it hard to keep pace with the occasionally conflicting needs of women. Its difficult for men to understand what exactly women need and want.

questions about Swedish women?
Sometimes what women in Stockholm want can be confusing…

There are several questions that arise again and again:

  • When do you treat women as “ladies” to be protected and cared for and when do you treat them as equals?
  • When do you take action when they tell you about a problem, when do you listen and agree without providing solutions?
  • When do you play it cool, when do you shower them with affection?
  • How do you respond to the trick questions (Do I look big in this dress?)

The answers to this are situational and highly dependent on the woman involved. There are very popular and effective courses that will help you learn the best ways to judge these to be successful with the ladies. You should think about investing in learning more about the fairer sex. There are a few things that women find almost universally attractive.

Confidence – Women want men who are comfortable in their own skins. Guys who are self-assured and know what they want. The question is, how do you show a woman you are confident?

  • Eye contact – The eyes are the window to the soul. Eye contact is critical to show a woman you are  interested in a person. It will also help keep your eyes off other distracting bits of your date.
  • Be sure to dress well on your date.
    If you’re single in Stockholm it doesn’t hurt to be well-dressed to make a good impression…

    Dress for success – When you look great, you feel great about yourself, and when you feel good about yourself you start to radiate confidence. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollar on your wardrobe. You should think of your wardrobe as an investment. Slowly build your wardrobe, buying high-quality articles of clothing that can be used in multiple situations and that make you look good!

  • Your breath – No woman wants to date a man with poor oral hygiene.  The best way to avoid bad breath is to brush your teeth regularly (2-3 times a day). Also brush the dead skin and food particles from your tongue. Floss every day to get the chucks our from between your teeth (they will start to stink too). Chew gum and lay off the stinky foods.
  • grooming supplies in Sweden.
    Don’t be the stinky guy that no one wants in Stockholm!!

    Try to smell great – Usually women have an excellent sense of smell. This is closely associated to their sense of attraction. Thus, if you smell good, you have a better chance of succeeding. Heavy body odor is a bad thing. Even if you can’t smell it on yourself, that only because you’re used to it. Bathe every single day with soap or shower gel, preferably in the morning, and again before you go on a date. Wash your hair regularly. Use an antiperspirant or deodorant. Ask the people in the cologne shop or a friend you trust for a body spray that accentuates your natural scent. Don’t use too much!

  • A well trimmed beard
    If you have facial hair, keep it well groomed!

    Beards, mustaches and goatees – You should be careful with facial hair. What you think looks great may not be what she thinks looks great. Clean shaven is usually a good choice; if she wants you to grow something, she’ll let you know. A bit of stubble is fine if it’s nice and tidy, as is a beard. While beards are all the rage right now, scraggly, unkempt, matted hair that has bits of food in it or small animals building nests in it is unlikely to impress any woman. You can try different styles of facial hair to see what works best for you; facial hair can be shaved and regrown relatively quickly so it won’t take you too long to determine what is effective through trial and error. Your friends can give you feedback on what looks good.

  • Speak clearly – Don’t mutter. Stop mumbling. Don’t speak with your mouth full. Don’t look at your feet or at the wall when speaking. Look at her (in the eyes), think twice before you talk and enunciate.
  • You’ve got the touch –  You want her to know you’re interested in her as a sexual partner not just a friend, but you don’t want to be too grabby. Friendly, non-sexual touching will clearly show this and give her a chance to respond. Give her a hug hello, dance with her (if you can dance) and touch her arm lightly during conversation. Once you break the touch barrier, you’ll find it easier to talk to her too. Now the important part: don’t be creepy about it. It should be relatively infrequent and without amorous intention. Don’t make it weird. There are courses which can teach you the finer points of this.
get out of the friend zone in Stockholm
Break the touch barrier to show you’re confident
  • Ask her questions – The trick is not to dominate the conversation, but to help it along and control the direction and flow by asking questions. Discuss the things she is saying, even if they are not about the most interesting thing in the world. Doing this will allow you to guide the conversation, and stay on topics that interest the both of you, that you can comfortably contribute to.  Do your best to remember the information she is providing you with, the things she says she likes, dislikes and is interested in. These facts will be useful later!
  • Make decisions – Whether you can’t select from a restaurant menu or are unable to choose a movie at the theater, this kind of indecision will be interpreted as a lack of confidence. Even if making decisions isn’t your strong point, this is an easy one to beat. All you have do is make a plan for the evening so when the question ‘what do you want to do’ comes up, you have a few strong suggestions one of which you favor over the others. She’ll like the fact you have some ideas and that you can make a decision. But remember, you want to make decisions that you’ll both enjoy so talk about it with her before you make a decision.